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Whether you are seeking to implement bulk SMS messaging to send free SMS in Nigeria as alerts or reminders or planning to integrate bulk SMS messaging as part of a company marketing strategies, you will find free Nigeria SMS services at www.rapidnigeria.com very suited for that. At www.rapidnigeria.com we understand that effective delivery and avoidance of downtime can contribute immensely to the growth of a company. That is why we have invested in an efficient and secure platform to facilitate the most effective and cheapest bulk SMS solution in Nigeria.

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In the fast changing world of business and technology, communication strategies go hand in hand. Any business must keep its campaigns effective and reach out to clients if any significant business gains are to be made. From small businesses, media companies to large enterprises including banks, bulk messaging is an effective communication tool that not only saves time but also money. While there are many bulk SMS sites in Nigeria offering services of how to send free SMS in Nigeria, the ultimate goal of any individual or business seeking such services should be how effective and cost saving are the services.

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We currently offer 500 Units FREE Nigeria SMS services when you purchase 1000 units, optimized to send SMS to mobile phones in Nigeria including the most effective and we have the cheapest solutions on how to send free SMS online in Nigeria. We value customer’s integrity that is why our services are transparent with no hidden monthly or setup fees. You will find ease of use with our bulk SMS software application which is developed with users in mind for intuitiveness and user-friendliness so that your goal of sending free SMS in Nigeria can save you money and more time to take care of other business needs.

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Free SMS Nigeria service is an efficient and secure platform that allows sending and delivery of bulk SMS messages to mobile handsets in Nigeria. It is ideal for any type of business that needs to keep a competitive edge over its competitors and can be used by banks, NGOs, religious bodies, Universities, small scale businesses etc. Opting to utilize free online SMS in Nigeria as a business solution can be beneficial in many areas of application such as marketing, consumer brands for a variety of purposes including, enterprise, mobile marketing, advertising, conferences, entertainment and other applications.


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If you are looking for a free SMS website in Nigeria that offers the best and cheapest solution for sending free bulk SMS in Nigeria then, www.rapidnigeria.com is your place. Here, you will not only get the ideal and efficient solution to send free SMS to Nigeria online but you will also enjoy the extra perks that comes with the Free SMS Nigeria service such as wider networks coverage, outstanding customer support, customized status reports, fast service delivery and reliability. Subscribe today and enjoy the best, effective and cheapest bulk SMS solution in Nigeria.

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